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Welcome to our home page! We hope that you will find it helpful in researching your Hughes family. If you do not find a link to our specific Hughes family, try one of our links to other sites.

Are looking for the 1820 Prince Edward County map I scanned in, simply click on the link and it is yours. It is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format, which is free.

Also, please take a look at the photographs taken from our trip to Prince Edward County, Virginia. The photo's are Michael and Katherine Hughes along with cousin Bernard Slayton at the old Hughes house, or what remains of it. Sad news has come from Bernard's family in his passing 08/23/2000. I wish to dedicate this page to him and his memory. He was a terrific man who loved god, history and people. God bless you Bernard, you will be missed. Click Here to see the old Hughes house.

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